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Both War of the Angels books were written as commanded by the Man on the Shroud of Turin. War of the Angels is a supernatural site. Keep informed. Jesus commanded this to be written so you will not remain ignorant. The Holy Ghost is on this site. Come often enough and you will encounter Him.

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The deepest secrets I have ever revealed. Only for the few.


1) You must have read War of the Angels and vow never to reveal anything you read in The Upper Room forum.

2) You will partner with WOTA for access to the Upper Room with your $20 per month subscription.

I have done many radio shows over the years. Inevitably the two questions most asked of me are:


1) Do you think the Antichrist knows that he is the one who will be incarnated by Satan?

2) Why have all these things happened to me?


I will answer both questions in this forum for the first time, especially the one about, "Why me?"


I am going to reveal some things for the first time ever, but ONLY to a select and trusted few. You must vow that nothing you read in the Upper Room will ever be leaked to anyone outside. However this is not for everyone. You must have read BOTH versions of War of the Angels. You must pledge a subscription of $20 per month by clicking the PayPal subscribe button above. Your WOTA Member status will be upgraded to open the Upper Room for you.