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(youtube.com/warofthe angels) TSS NCS "Amazing vid!"  FAT PUERCO1 "Man Michael you look like a mountain man!" FAT PUERCO1 "Yup it hits the fan you best be ready don't take the mark of the beast cause it's coming" "Far out man looks like Michael has some good stories to tell and warnings to the sheeple"

Extraordinary Testimonies and Reviews

 WRITER'S DIGEST BOOK REVIEW"The thing that I found most impressive about War of the Angels is how incredibly believable it is.  I found myself unable to put the book down once I began reading.  I think that the author merged the stories of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and War of the Angels very successfully." FIVE STARS! TWO THUMBS UP! I knew the author a quarter-century ago when he was writing this book.  I can attest to the fact it was originally written a long time ago, yet it seems like today's headlines. It is already coming true; everything in it. How can anyone read this book, watch the daily news and not believe it?  This book will make a lot of enemies of non-Christians.  The author makes it quite clear that you are on one side of the fence or the other. Hence, I think readers will rate this book either 5 Stars or 1 Star with nothing in between.  I give it 5 Stars because I see it happening all around me. I already know a lot of people who are getting into heated arguments after reading this.  Non-Believers will try extremely hard to prevent you from reading this book.  And so will Satan.John Z., Retired Judge, Texas "As an enlisted soldier I feel that this book can give me a further understanding and insight to the truths of our present day positioning in the war, and can be used as a valuable tool to recruit new soldiers."Materi "You really have a message to tell!  I don't read that many books because they don't keep my interest, but yours I read almost cover-to-cover as soon as I picked it up from the mail.  You have helped make sense of what is REALLY going on in the world today!  I know a lot that I can't talk about because of what I do, and your book is right on target."(STAFF SARGENT Combat Arms/Security Specialist) "I read War of the Angels straight thru.  I could not sleep afterwards.  I heard a voice in my stomach say, `Believe,' clear as day."Jason “It was great!  I saw an angel too and it was huge.”Aaron at AOL "Worth its weight in Gold!  This book has changed my life!  This book is truly inspired by the Holy Ghost!  I can confirm that this book was written before any of the prophesies manifested.  You can find evidence of the latest terror attacks on Spain and a warning before Sept. 11th!  The FBI has a copy of this book...its too bad they didn't find the book earlier.Amazon Review "War of the Angels reads like a story and not just telling facts.  The characters make me want to see the movie.  And it is very, very convincing."Tony D., St. Petersburg, FL “My mother read your book and she can’t stop laughing about the scene with the cows.”Fritz P., Indianapolis, IN “It is the best book I have ever read in my life.  It is wonderful.”Sue C., St. Petersburg, FL  “The message in the book is strong, very strong, more than just a good story."Mars "What can I say?  Amazing!!  I really believe that your story is from the Lord.  And that you have a mission from Him."G.B. (Sweden) "I am really impressed.  I can't wait to read it in French."Nick (Quebec) "Se presisarem da minha ajuda, estou a disposicao. E so dizer quem e o alvo!"Lourenco Benedito Neto, Portugal "Czy mozecie mi przyslac jakies info na wasz temat,bo bardzo mnie to zainteresowalo...Pozdrawiam!Szem ha-meforasz!!!"Ewa, Poland "Before I read (War of the Angels) I believed in the other world, sort of.  I have become more aware of things.  I was tested yesterday, when I did not do what it wanted me to do and it visited me last night.  I just kept repeating `BY THE POWER OF HIS BLOOD.'  This has helped me drive evil away.  It keeps trying to get us, but you have helped."Linda "This would make the coolest movie I ever saw."Allen "I have read (War of the Angels) and a couple of my friends have also read (it).  We find your book amazing and I also believe."Fred M. "Wonderful!!!!  I believe God led me here for a reason.  I loved reading (War of the Angels) about the spiritual world that exists out there."H.S. "I just finished War of the Angels in 1 day!  It was a very powerful book and the Holy Spirit tells me its true."James "When I read (War of the Angels) it just hit me as true.  Then my skepticism kicked in.  But something just felt right about it.  I just FELT it was truth.  And I couldn't put it down, and when I was done with it, I started looking at the news, and War of the Angels popped into my mind.  I have known Bible prophecy for quite awhile, but your book put a new perspective on it, brought it more into focus.  War of the Angels had a powerful effect on me."Linda S. "I know that you speak the truth.  I will tell others to listen."Liz J. "This book is very believable.  Anyone that claims it is not believable is being stubborn and probably has an axe to grind with the author or is close-minded to the topic in general.  Of course, whether or not you believe it is up to you."Bob F. "This book was definitely written for the 'skeptics' at large.  It has served as a great springboard in researching and examining current global events in a new light.  A definite aid, in putting all the pieces together. A book that is guaranteed to generate a lot of controversial opinions and outlooks.  Undeniably, this book has had an impact on my life in ways that are beyond words.  It has opened my eyes to the 'unseen' world.  It has given me an understanding as to the forces that surround us, and exactly what those forces are.  After reading this book I have not been able to view the world the same. Written over 25 years ago, and yet it reads as today's headlines"Amazon Reviewer "I ran across this book on the Internet.  The author made the first section of the book available online.  I read the free section in one sitting, then I ordered the electronic version online, because that was the fastest available means of obtaining a copy, and I simply could not wait any longer to finish the book.  Once I downloaded the book, I completely devoured it the same day.  I have never read a book that captured my attention so forcefully.  The story is true (despite comments made by skeptics to the contrary).  The entire time I was reading the book, I kept checking to ensure that the book was indeed billed as non-fiction, because I couldn't believe what I was reading.  I contacted the author via email, and he ensured me that everything in the book actually happened to him.  Still skeptical, I even took the trouble to check-out some of the characters from the book, and everything I found confirmed what the book said.  If you are interested in eschatology, then you will want to read this book.  If you simply want to have the living daylights scared out of you, then you must read it. It will send chills down your spine."Reviewer, Atlanta, GA "This book was definitely interesting.  The material is very controversial but entertaining.  Anyone with even the slightest interest in Bible prophecy or scary stories should read this book.  If the content is even remotely true, then it is a must read!!  I personally have not yet decided whether I believe it or not.  However, true or not, this book is definitely unique and worth reading. The author makes no attempt to claim that those who don't believe or read his book will go to hell.  He also does not say that you need to read the book to be "saved".Barnes and Noble Reviewer  


"This book is ALIVE man!!  My brain keeps talking to me that it's fake, and my insides are busting out to say it's real.  But I can SEE it now.  It's everyday on TV.  I'm going to hand it to my friends and watch their look when angels or something start talking to them!!!"



Oh, wow.  I’m so nervous.  It’s really going to happen.  I can already see it in the news.”

Trivonda R., Jacksonville, FL


“I believe you (the author) are really blessed.  Can you say a prayer for me?"

Carol, St. Louis, MO


"I drove to a bookstore looking for a copy (of War of the Angels) just to see what all these wild claims of angels were about.  I found your book interesting and moving, if not unsettling and terrifying.  The strangest thing for me was the feeling that i knew and felt completely what you were saying, and more importantly that i believed you. Immediately i started to do research of my own on the topics you spoke of.  The messages that i came across in War of the Angels have stayed with me to this day, especially when i follow the actions in the Middle East and the EU."



"The book is remarkably enthralling.  The prophecies are shocking, and deeply disturbing.  I just hope you're not right."

G.H., British Soldier in Iraq


"When I read your book, it just hit me as true.  Then my skepticism kicked in, and I wondered, but something just felt right about it.  I just FELT it was truth, if that makes sense.  Suddenly, I heard a voice, an audible voice that I will never forget say "I AM."  It came from the area of my chest, that's the only way I can describe it.  It was loud without yelling, commanding, I just lay there stunned."

Linda C.


"I am extremely aware of my angels presence now, always to my right, in the back of me.  It is so noticeable that I find myself turning around constantly to see if someone is standing there.  I am really starting to understand much more about why these things are happening."



"It had me hooked the entire way.  The book is so gripping and intense, it's easy to say, "My God, that sounds so right, this HAS to be true!"  But I'm not sure if God would allow a person on Earth to know this much if it is in fact true.  The entire "Holy Mafia" information was spine-chilling.  (The book) prevents me from seeing anything in this world the same way again after knowing all this, and this is really what gives the author so much credibility in my eyes.  Regardless if this book is true or not, I thank Michael Mullen for spectacular new insight into the realm of the supernatural, and quite possibly, the Holy prophecies themselves."



"Be aware of the Holy Spirit while you are reading War of the Angels.  I must say that I did feel an overwhelming kind of spiritual harmony, and for the first time in my life, I truly did believe.  The power of the book is so compelling, that I simply can't NOT believe it.  Seriously mate, read the book.  In my humble opinion, not only did it open my eyes, but it gave me a sense of "knowing."  I knew I was being watched by something not so nice and I know it didn't like me reading the book, but it just cemented my belief in the revelations in the book."

Graham, British Paratrooper


"Reading the book felt like entering some kind of strange conflict, just by knowing.  There was a feeling that I was reading something very serious with two sides pulling on me.  Definite chills, as if it was important to read it, but there was some unsettling force that didn't enjoy me reading it.


"The book reads almost like a journal.  It's an account of the end times we are living in now. The information given to the author is proving to be accurate, which is convincing to me since it was written 25 years ago.  It made me question everything about Christianity, to strive to be what GOD wants me to be as a Christian, not some 'collection plate church peoples' idea of Christianity.  I also think a visit to the website of the same name would be EXTREMELY helpful along with reading the book.  There is lots more information.  You just have to look for it."

Amazon Reviewer


"Best book I've ever read!  However, EVERYONE is going to be "passionate" about it.  I rate it five stars, but many will hate this book because of its controversial nature and they will rate it much lower because of their disagreements.  The author will make many friends and many enemies.  He has drawn a line in the sand, and you are forced to stand on one side or the other.  That said, you cannot deny that Mr. Mullen is an extraordinary writer.  I read the entire book in one sitting.  I've never done THAT before.  Just could not stop turning the pages!"

Barnes and Noble Reviewer


"Just finished War of the Angels. It is full of conspiracy and things I've heard and read before.  Some would say it is self serving to the author, a way to prey on fear and make him a buck.  I say, if there is a modicum of truth to what he says, EVERYONE should read it and be prepared."

Barnes and Noble Reviewer


"This is the best book I have ever read.  From page one I could not put it down until I had completely finished.  Although it is classified as non-fiction, it was written as a compelling story with memorable characters.  I loved George the Kat, and the scenes with the cows were hilarious as a comic relief to a serious and frightful story.  I would love to see it made into a movie.  The supernatural events that Mullen claims to have endured are Biblically sound, and I believe him.  Those who do not wish to believe simply have their heads in the sand and want to completely ignore the headline news and current events of Biblical Prophecy that is leaping right off the pages of War of the Angels.  My life will never be the same.  And the amount of research that Mullen put into this book supports vividly the supernatural ordeals.  The facts are named, dated, and sources revealed.  I found the footnotes from the family of Pope John Paul I to be dreadfully revealing in their beliefs that John Paul I was murdered.  This book will definitely be controversial, for the author pulls no punches. God and angels are real.  The devil is real. This book will challenge your faith if you do not believe in the Bible literally, for the author dramatically creates a solid foundation that demonstrates that all the characters in the Bible are very, very real, and that events are unfolding right before your very eyes.  War of the Angels will change your life forever, as it has mine."

Amazon Reviewer


"Outstanding read!  'War of the Angels' is one of the best books I have read in a very long time...Tells of end time events, identity of the Anti Christ, Bible Prophesy of events to come in this world...This book has changed my life for the better and I thank the Author for writing this wonderful book"



"Great Book, hard to stop reading.  I thought this book was great.  It is enthralling and suspenseful, and very believable.  I enjoyed this book because I am interested in supernatural stuff and Bible prophecy.  If you have even a remote interest in these topics, you will appreciate this book.  Of course, whether you believe it or not is entirely up to you..  If this book is even remotely accurate in any way, then it is a must read.  Serious topic and well written.  Very believable.  Makes you want to keep reading."

Fan of Supernatural Thrillers





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"Mr. Mullen, we had to pull your commercial because we were getting too many complaints from people who were scared."


"It is supposed to be scary."


"I understand.  If it was a roller coaster, scary would be fun.  But Mr. Mullen, our viewers are TERRIFIED."