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On the afternoon of July 8, 2000, David Heim died in a Cessna plane crash. But when his wife entered the hospital where he had been pronounced dead-on-arrival, his heart miraculously resumed beating as if it recognized her presence. For the next forty days David remained in a coma, precariously clinging to life.


Angel of Lake Placid is a love story that hinges on hope, when hope does not exist. It is the story of a courageous wife and pristine mother who must nurture newborn twins at the same time she continuously pulls her husband from his grave. The Thrill of Victory as she holds her treasured babies, and the Agony of Defeat as she holds her dying husband´┐Żs hand.


David Heim is a true American patriot. As an international spy for the Allied Forces during the height of the Cold War, he and his partner rescued more defectors from behind the Iron Curtain of East Germany and Czechoslovakia than any other agent. He was a member of the Olympic Organizing Committee and helped bring the 1980 Olympic Games to Lake Placid. As Deputy Director of Protocol he assisted in bringing the undefeated Soviet hockey team to the Olympics, where a team of American college kids shocked the world in "The Miracle Game." As a goodwill gesture when he became Executive Director of USA Bobsled, he helped create the Jamaican Bobsled Federation which was portrayed in the Disney movie, "Cool Runnings."


Angel of Lake Placid will tug at every emotion in your being. It is a nail-biting thriller of international intrigue and espionage. You will relive the greatest victory in the history of sports and chant "USA! USA!". It chronicles the humorous trials and tribulations of the Jamaicans vying for a spot in the Calgary Winter Olympics. And you will both cry and cheer for this little family in a tiny town called Lake Placid. One of the best true stories you will ever read.


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