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     Michael Mullen was born and raised in Southport, Indiana, but when his high school guidance counselor advised him to attend a college a thousand miles away from home in order to mature, Mullen took him up on that advice.


     Having a great love for baseball and wanting to play in the major leagues professionally, Mullen secured a baseball scholarship at Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Florida.  As a backup plan he majored in journalism in case his baseball skills were found lacking, although he doubted that would ever be the case.  He had already decided on playing for the New York Yankees and wearing number seventy-seven on his pinstripes as, "Mickey Mullen."  He simply had to choose a alternate career path "just in case" to satisfy his parents.


     After playing on the college team for two years Mullen discovered the only thing keeping him from Major League Baseball was talent; he had none.  He quit, and rightly so.  "It was a dark and stormy night," began his journalism backup plan.


     He quickly got a job back in Indianapolis with the Saturday Evening Post Company, starting with one of their subsidiary magazines.  Then Mullen watched the blockbuster movie, "Jaws" and his life changed forever.


     What particularly caught his attention was the scene on the boat with Quint explaining his obsession with killing sharks.  He had been on the U.S.S. Indianapolis when she was torpedoed and went down in 1945.  The men were in the water for five days and nights under horrific ordeals, including constant shark attacks.  Mullen saw the potentional for a blockbuster book, since he had never heard about the Indianapolis and neither had millions.


     Oddly, his research hit a dead end.  All the information about the largest Navy disaster at sea had been classified top secret, and in the encyclopedia known as, "The History of the U.S. Navy," author Samuel Morrison predicted that the evidence would lead to the highest chains-of-command, and therefore would never be made available to the public.


     Mullen was obsessed with getting that information.  President Gerald Ford had replaced Richard Nixon due to governmental coverups, and Mullen fired off a series of letters to Ford reminding him of his pledge to be open with the public.  It was time to release those papers.  It took multiple attempts, but Mullen eventually got those five thousand documents from Ford as he left office.


     To a fledgling writer looking for a best selling book, Mullen had uncovered The Holy Grail.  Senior editors from every major publisher in the country contacted him.  A movie studio called Mullen and work and told him, "Do not sign with anyone until we get the last bid."


     And then...IT happened.


     Mullen was supernaturally pulled from his body by the man whose image was embedded in the Shroud of Turin.  The Shroud Man told Mullen, "Do not write that (U.S.S. Indianapolis). Write this."  Thus began a series of supernatural encounters lasting over three decades that resulted in the book, "War of the Angels."  Mullen's writing career came to a grind and War of theAngels became more than a book.  It was a movement.  A popular website with a "supernatural" message board visited by millions, WOTA Radio and more.