Jerusalem Broadcasting Company

JBC exists to fight a Liberal and SICK world who believe the Hamas propaganda machine endorsed by Liberal media to bring down Israel.  We believe Jesus Christ is the Messiah and that Israel is Yahweh's Holy Land under attack by the whole world, as Yahweh wrote that it would.  Stand up for Israel and stand against radical Liberals spreading messages of hate against Israel.


ABOUT The President of JBC


"Michael Mullen of Indianapolis, Indiana, is a true American success story."

Dick Lugar

United States Senator


"The story of Michael Mullen is an inspiring one.  Michael is an example of how our citizens can take advantage of opportunities available in America."

George H. W. Bush/President, United States of America



The Jerusalem Broadcasting Company began as "Christian Superhighway Broadcasting Network. (CSBN)"  It was the first Christian Internet radio broadcasting company in history. The founder, Michael Mullen, was the first computer analyst in the National Basketball Association when he designed and created the first professional basketball site on the Internet for Prodigy in 1992 when the Internet opened to the public.  After he finished the sports site, he built the first online Christian church while a student at World Harvest Bible College.  When audio was invented he expanded the online church to include radio broadcasting in 1994.  Today it remains as the oldest continuous Internet radio network, rated number one in the world by the official


Mullen and others at CSBN Broadcasting became increasingly alarmed at the growing hatred toward Israel with no news media willing to come to the rescue of America's only true ally in the Middle East and Father G_d's Holy Land.  On May 14, 2014, on the anniversary of Israel's rebirth as a nation, CSBN made the committment to change its name to the Jerusalem Broadcasting Company with the mission of becoming a major broadcast voice to defend Israel from an increasingly demonic world.


Jerusalem Broadcasting Company is a full-service radio network operating 24/7 with a full schedule of shows. We rank in the top one-tenth of one percent of ALL sites, and not just Christian sites with between two-to-three million hits per month including a large secular segment.





Shoot 3000 missiles at these Liberals and see if they cry for Obama to save them.